Colorscheme: Edit

Pink, Salmon, Purple and Black.

Gender: Edit


Appearance: Edit

He has a TFP-Soundwaveish head and has wings and a cape on his back. He also uses Sideways' body-type from Cybertron.

Weaponry: Edit

He actually uses alot of weaponry and is even depicted using Martial Arts and Boxing techniques.

Specialties: Edit

Skilled hand-to-hand and Swordfighter, also alot of specialties involving weaponry. Also scouting and sabotage.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

History: Edit

O-G is the bestest friend of Yora. He also suffers from a Cybertronian disease that is slowly-but-surely destroying his mind, and making him have near-blindness in the right optic.

He and Yori would fight Bortex and Brawl, then Windsore and Windflow.

Optics: Edit


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