"Personified by a horrible, monstrous,angry person, in that case, ME."




Optimus Prime's but in a darker Yellow, Grey, Blue, and Red. Supposed to make him look like he's dead and/or like Nemesis Prime from Prime.


None, just sockets.


Bloodied, and lots of dents and scratches,holes on his body.


Ion Blaster w/ Bayonet, Energon longsword, Grenade launcher, Missile launcher (shoulder-mounted) Buzzsaw (attachment, would take the place of either Left or Right hand.)


Autobots, Good.

Personality and Traits:Edit

The Thousand-Yard stare, but personified. He has seen alot of shit and carnage, death around him and millions of corpses. He is genuinely a good-natured person in the shell in the shell in the shell of a heartless, vicious, ruthless killer and Angel of Death who will fuck your shit up real good. The Wars have shown his good and his bad side, but moreover, his cruel and wickedness although he is an Autobot true-and-true.

He's ambidextrous though originally a Rightie.


He and Jazzimus have teamed up and bombed every decepticon base on Earth, one of the bombs killing C-0, and bombing a few factories.


He uses TFP Optimus's body-type.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

You could see this by the way he sounds - his voice is an echoing moan.

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