Multiplied was another clone of Flashbee, but instead of being just another repaint, he was identical to Flashbee, except he wore a G2 Misfit Autobots symbol, used a GIANT SWORD and his targetmaster buddy in combat, and did Math and was the logical sort. He came to the planet that the Autobots are on, but he kept his Cybertronian car mode. His name comes from his nerdy interest in Math. Multiplied reminds me of Calculator. (yes, that leet-named guy) He felt tingly sensations suggesting that he was to be Jazz's Second in Command, but he didn't listen to them, and went to Carsurge to find out why he felt tingly.

Targetmaster buddy: Edit

His targetmaster is Female, and unlike Multiplied, she has went into science. She transforms into his pistol/welding thingy/Raygun. Her name is Proton, and is shades of Purple and is also Pink. She is shy towards any other transformer, but would talk to other Targetmasters/Weaponizers (or just other minicons). She also can go on Multiplied's wrist when not in use, or just to be his wrist cannon.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots,Misfits, Good.

Appearance: Edit

He uses the Fall of Cybertron/War For Cybertron Bumblebee body-type.

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