Altmode(s): Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Renegade (in a universe), Dions (formerly) but now a Futuron. Also Good, Autobot and Savagicon and (in a universe) a Constructicon and a Seeker.

Gender: Edit


Personality and traits: Edit


The overly-friendly and clingy sort who is somewhat pedantic. (Well, not a perfectionist, but she obsesses over the littlest things.)

Also she sounds like a Valley Girl. "Like, so, oh my God, literally!"

Colorscheme: Edit

Black and Green with brown spots and red stripes. At one time, she took on the Constructicons' colorscheme of Purple and Green.

Weaponry: Edit

She prefers energy and also weapons that fire liquids.

She also uses a Dark Energon flail.

Optics: Edit


Specialties: Edit


History: Edit

She made an appearance in Horizons though wasn't the mythical seventh Autobot, and just stayed Neutral. She'd fight alongside Skyline against Copbot and Clawgas, and would team up with her again to fight Soundwave,Brawl and Riposte.

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