Welcome to the Mixedbag Wiki:Edit

I call it a mixed bag because I want it to be about things like transformers, or superpowered characters, without it being a wiki just for characters with superpowers, or just a fiction wiki. It was supposed to be called "Fiction" but a wiki with that name existed. You can come here if you don't want to just be stuck on one topic like just "Robots" or "heroes". I didn't want to call it fanon because it would be fan canon stuff, and it's not based off of stuff that already exists, like someone making a DC comics fanon. I was also fed up with other wikis and the weird way they do things. Remember not to be strict, because I hate that, and that's how most wiki's are, and don't have these stupid standards and then delete someone's character if they don't comply. I had to say this because I don't want strict noobs roaming around causing chaos. And also because I made a rant about it on my Transfanon User:page.

The term "mixedbag" and its origins (story):Edit

The term stems from being a bit of a rebel, and not having a bag filled with just Die (Dice) or Crayons, but a bag mixed with things.

I got fed up with how a wiki has to be about just one thing, like Villains in this case, like if someone made a Villains wiki and you couldn't make Heroes in it.

I came from the Transfanon wiki, but I wanted to find other wikis/wikia/wiki, and I did, but just not a wiki where it's only about one specific thing.

Articles to browse/look at: Edit

Hi, my name is Primal. I created this wiki.

Here's some stuff to look at, and uh.. enjoy your stay, you're free to make an account here or.. uh.. stay Anonymous.