"I am not kind, I AM EVIL ."

-Milo to the old lady he helped walk down the the street.

Milo (also known as Doctor Wrecker}is the evilest person alive..... or so he thinks, while Milo has the goal of being a crazy Villian sometimes he forgets, helping old ladies walk down the streeet, getting cats down trees, and being a pretty great guy is not evil in the slightest. In fact he has gained reputation for being a good person which annoys Milo to the extreme.

Weapons Edit

Null ray but it was taken by the Police and given to the goverment. (not like he would do anything with it)

Null ray

Powers Edit


Allegiance Edit

Evil but can't bring himself to do any.

Triva Edit

  • (Inspired by Episode 1 of Star vs. The Forces of Evil where Marco wants to be a bad boy but is the most liked and trusted person in the school.)
  • (Name from Milo's Murphys law also on Disney XD )
  • (Doctor Wrecker is from The Amazing World of Gumball, at 1st I wanted to put down Deathinator)