"I have soul... I HAVE THAT SUPER SWAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ Him in a nutshell.

History: Edit

Meister is a rapper, and one of the top ones at that. Although he's at the top, he always goes through something (like some sort of controversy or drama), or there's someone trying to derank him. He's also a staunch neutralist during a time of nationalism and terror. Both the Maximals and Predacons have tried repeatedly to recruit him. Also, Jazzimus and him are in a feud as the two think they're copying one another.

Also his stuff went Gold. Almost always. He used to rap and make songs all of the time but now, it's once or a few times a year.

Now, he's recently in a feud with Bright Brigade which sparked this butterfly effect. Now, Blackarachnia hates his guts. "Watch your fluid, Meister." she said.

Altmode(s): Edit

Porsche 911. Despite being on Cybertron and never being on another planet, his altmodes have changed to many different kinds of Porsche.

Colorscheme: Edit

Blue, Yellow and Pink (or a Salmon.) Basically Mayuko Iwasa's colorscheme. Funny how she made that when she was freaking seventeen. I know people that were twelve and thirteen that do funny colorschemes.

Optics: Edit

Golden. Many people have made fun of this. "How does he see? How does all of his stuff go Diamond and Platinum when all he'd see is gold? He literally has the Midas touch."

Weaponry: Edit

Although he's a staunch neutralist (well, right now), he's definitely no pacifist. He is just like Soundwave and uses sounds as weapons. He just doesn't like to do that and just prefers a big-ass broadsword.

Allegiance: Edit

Questionable.. factions in his past, but nothing like the Predacons.

For now, he's Neutral.

Gender: Edit


Personality and traits: Edit

In his past, he had anger issues but now he's alot more chill.

He just has this aura that one'd want to be around... just an unknown and a part of the unexplained of things on Cybertron.

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