"Peace through Tyranny." (His original Gen-1 quote.)
"Who would you be, without me, Prime?" (His quote from DOTM ((Dark Of The Moon)).)

Altmode(s): Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Evocative of the G1 Megatron, so just two-tone Grays.

Allegiance: Edit


Optics: Edit


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Weaponry: Edit

  • His weapon of choice, the arm-mounted Fusion Cannon.
  • He also would use another G1 weapon, the Dark Energon flail which replaced his hand.
  • He also uses another melee weapon, in the form of the Mini-Con Shrapnel, which transforms into his scalpel.

Specialties: Edit

Leading the Decepticons - the former Rebellion, and also Gladiatorial combat and mining. (Yes, I know I took that from IDW...)

History: Edit

As the Autobots and Decepticons, and the others were preoccupied, an unseen force came to be. Another dude that called himself 'Megatron', and his Decepticons came into the Cloud Cuckoo World.

The realm would begin seeing MORE chaos after refugees from the dead Extinction universe came. This time, a G1-ish Great War. This confused the Ultraverse's Vector Prime, who thought Optimus and Megatronus died.

Megatron and his Decepticons would begin wreaking havok in the same place other Autobots and Decepticons before them fought at, the dubbed 'Valley of Death'.

Meanwhile, the Decepticons who sulked in the Shadowzone were sick-and-tired of their treatment and were plotting their escape. Schism wanted vengeance against Jazzimus, Eve and Khan wanted more combat and were bored as hell, and Horizons' Megatron wanted to face Placerift again for her 'treachery'.

Also, Kirbycron, 'the Devourer' sulked after his landslide defeat. (See Shockblast for more info.)

Americana and its allies were in a cold war against the Axe. So, so far, everyone was busy af. Yes, the Neutrals were also fighting - They were fighting against the Dashbots.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

Basically like Unlimited's Megatron, and like a Megatron I did on the Transfanon in another series. I just like this Megatron.

No, there won't be an Optimus Prime. (Maybe..)