"The mask.. Why does (she) wear the mask?" ~ (Talking about Bane from The Dark Knight Rises but I switched it to be a quote talking about her.)

Appearance: Edit

(Back to making humanoid characters, and no, that wasn't a hiatus. I was too busy watching Super Deluxe and other memesters..)

She always is seen wearing a mask(any type of mask, even if it's an owl mask or Anonymous mask), she also wears an old-styled coat. (She has many weapons in the coat and it's basically like the Magic Satchel, except just weaponry.) She also wears high heels and gauntlets. (I always make my female characters wear heels.. also if you seen that shitty Wonder Woman movie, then her gauntlets work the same except they also bounce off melee weaponry and T H R O W A B L E weapons.)

Weaponry: Edit

Her weapons of choice are shotguns and rope-like lassos/whips. (Basically like Slipknot and she mastered ropes and whips and can basically go cowgirl on her foes)

Eye color: Edit

Green or Blue (if she actually took the mask off)

Gender: Edit

Rather obvious.. (Female.. I am using 'she, her and hers', so..)

Allies: Edit

  • Her sister.. (Not the same bayonetta lmao.. You know I'm not down for that weeaboo crap..)

Specialties: Edit

(Remember how I always talk about gymnasts? Well she's one.. Just imagine a super flexible 'Mask.)

Shotgunner and escapist also.

Allegiance: Edit

Switches sides alot, but mostly herself. Right now, she's sided with the Autobots and Good.

History: Edit

She and Table would encounter Observer and Xhesha, firing at them.

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