I was for Le Pen... but I'm getting over it as we're winning.. a 360 win.. I know alot about France, I love France and I love Germany. I really love Europe, but not the European Union.. I'm sick and tired of seeing Sweeten (Sweden, it's just my nickname for them) suffer. I'm tired of (((Refugees))) and Russia being cast as the big baddie again.. It's time to recognize Tibet and Taiwan as independent, sovereign nations. I love Asia, I love Japan, and I love (South) Korea. I love the Philippines and I love their culture. I really get along with any culture, it's just the Mexicans and Latin Americans that piss me off. I don't wanna sound racist, but, they make good cuisine; They just keep breaking our Rules And Regulations. That's exactly why we needed to build a wall alongst our southern border. We need to annex Canada and free it from that Cuck named Justin Trudeau. Fucking give Quebec to Louisiana.

The title is kinda clickbaity.. but true in my opinion.

Expect more of these, but more Countries and Transformers also.

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