Altmode(s): Edit

(Purple) lobster, (blue) scorpion.

Allegiance: Edit

Savagicons, and Autobots (Good, also)

Colorscheme: Edit

Toothpaste, Green, and Eggplant.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

War Wheel, and (red) Energon Rapier.

History: Edit

She and Dragstrip'd fight Roadwarrior and Octone, Roadwarrior'd be convinced by Speedemon and become an Autobot. Jazzimus'd venture into the Shadowzone and fight Schism. Olive was also there, but as 'backup'. She fought Eve.

Personality and Traits: Edit

Left handed.

Also, she's very loyal to the Autobots and only considers herself a Savagicon because at one time, she was a Maximal.

Specialties: Edit


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