Altmode(s): Edit

F-22 Raptor, now a Pirate ship. ARG! ME MATEYS!

Specialties: Edit

Decepticon Pirate. YOU ARE A PIRATE! YAR!

History: Edit

His history is unknown (like it was in TNB). He fought Loridus and stole some Rainbow Energon cubes along with Lunge. A cappin' versus a captain, how fitting. (SIC) As long as he didn't steal Jazzimus in his golden form, because gold.. and pirates.. EH, eh?

Behind the Scenes: Edit

He's that lime seeker that almost nobody remembers. RIP. 'Dead men tell no tales.' Rest in spaghetti, never forget-ti.

SEEKERS, SEEKERS, SEEKERS GALORE! I wasn't gonna give him a hook or peg-leg like I said, but I still went crazy like Gigglepaige did.

(Also a nod to my other Decepticon from TNB)

Keep your wires lime. Ha ha. I started that with Happyshoe, and it just keeps on going. Fun is cool!

Colorscheme: Edit

Lime and Black.

Allegiance: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Cutlass, Old-timey cannon (which is a nod to Ruin, if you remember her from Destruction) on his arm, Flintlock-esque blaster.

(He keeps his null rays, but I wanted to make him more pirate-y.)

Optics: Edit

Red. Now he has one eye and the other is basically like an eye patch. Because, y'know, PIRATE! YOU ARE A PIRATE BECAUSE PIRATES ARE FREE!

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Gender: Edit