Altmode(s): Edit

She transforms into a Nissan Leaf. Which is where her name comes from.

Allegiance: Edit

Unaligned. Although she is unaligned, she wears both Autobot and Decepticon insignia.

Weaponry: Edit

When it comes down to weaponry, she wields two daggers, a shield, a sword, a pistol, and a welding torch.

Specialties: Edit

None, but she is an avid reader.

History/bio: Edit

She's not that much of a fighter, though she did 'go out of her way' and fight the Dashbots, Autoguards, and Helicons.

Quotes: Edit

"Where in Cybertron is my reading device..? Huh.. I bet an Autobot took it."
"They say I'm crazy just because I have scapegoats, but huh, you all do too!"

Color Scheme: Edit

Red and Green.

Optics: Edit

Her optics are two different colors, Green, and Blue. She is insecure about this and has a mini-con that transforms into an eyepiece.

Minicon: Edit

Her minicon is male, and is more of a pacifist, and a journalist. He writes about recent events and just about anything and everything. As said, he transforms into her eyepiece. In that altmode, he also functions as a Technical Monocle which he uses in this mode to scan random objects. The mode can also benefit Leaf by helping her find out new things about people, or their weaknesses.

If there would be a toy of her, the minicon would be omitted out since that's impossible.

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