History: Edit

Lamp was created by Plate, and they had a bond that made them look like Mother and Daughter. Lamp spied on the Decepticons, and faked being a Decepticon for a whole month. Lamp then would create Table.

Appearance: Edit

She got way too carried away and put the Decepticon symbol on her arm. She later on scratched it out.

Lamp either had Blonde, or Blue hair.

Lamp appeared to have lots of bandages all below her waist, and even her feet were bandaged.

Lamp also had a "feather tunic" that had one sleeve.

Lamp wore a claw-like glove on her right hand.

Species: Edit

The same as Plate. (Robotic, but looked and acted human)

Weaponry: Edit

Unlike Plate, her hands transform into arrow-shooting cannons. Lamp was one to also use daggers.

Allegiance: Edit