Altmode(s): Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Weaponizers: Edit

Laghour's weaponizer is Blockage. Blockage either transforms into Laghour's shield, or a piece of cover for Lag to stand and shoot behind. Laghour doesn't thank Blockage for his help, nor thinks of him as sentient and basically uses Blockage's shield mode as a meat shield.

Laghour usually mounts Blockage on his back, which is involuntary due to Laghour using a form of Static Electricity that locks someone in their altmode. This form of Static Electricity was developed later in the war and was basically a prototype since neither side had the technologies to do that in the first place. Glue guns and etc only made the enemy immobile in robot mode.

As for other weaponry, Laghour uses a cannon that when fired, makes the combatant slower than him. And when he doesn't use this gimmicky cannon, he has a normal rifle and pistol, though his blade when overheated is more powerful and can also use Energon. The blade can be used normally though then the blade is overheated the blade switches colors to a orange when its usually grey.

The blade itself doesn't depend on anything to power it (like some blades that overheat do).

Gender: Edit


History: Edit

'Lag has a warped sense of time. Everything around him goes slower than him, though to the average eye, he is slow. This is a mis-perception, as time somehow slows everything around him though usually, he's supposed to be the same speed as (almost) everyone else.

As for the mis-perception, the other Decepticons hate him and he only really belongs to the Testorioncons as the members of that group respect him and don't think he's slow at all. He fought Codebind alongside the Autobots, using his cannon to make the gestalt slower and then his blade to create a weak point that exposed Codebind's wires in his back.

Colorscheme: Edit

He is brown just like the animal that he scanned, though he is also a dark red.

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, Testorioncons.

Optics: Edit


Specialties: Edit

No real specialty.

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