Specialties: Edit

Swordplay, and also things dealing with Royalty (including hospitality).

Weaponry: Edit

Her coupled blades. The blades are a symbol, but also are always wielded together as they cannot be wielded with one different blade and one ex-coupled blade. They are also chained together at the hilt, and have a black blade.

Allegiance: Edit

Her class, her sisterhood, and also the Autobots and Maximals. (Good)

Before the war, she was always in a upper class (kinda like Sigma except more royalty-based) and had met Jazzimus. Her entire class and sisterhood had all became Autobots,so she had no reason to abandon it (also she couldn't because she was there from a early age)

Altmode(s): Edit

She and her sister had a mitotic spark, meaning the two were connected together (in a Arcee-Triplet way) and both transformed into Cybertronian motorcycles. Now that her sister died, she transforms into a Convertible (like Ventreus).

Allies: Edit

  • The late Espromage.
  • Jazzimus of Class Sigma.

History: Edit

She is alive to this day, but was in hiding. She came out of hiding when she saw Jazz's silhouette and a silhouette of Greenvixen. The two were on Cybertron, looking for new Autobots. When the three fought both Rosierivet and Zagorak, Jazzimus and Inclara had 'pwned' the Osprey-con.

Optics: Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Gold, Purple, and Black with some Grey.

Gender: Edit


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