Altmode(s): Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, though not particularly evil or bad.

Weaponry: Edit

Shard blades, Crossbow,Beam Cannon.

History: Edit

She was another Early Decepticon, like Havok, though she was just a nameless car-bot. Now, she's a vicious warrior that Cyberwarp rivals.

"I don't even know why I joined them. I don't consider myself a Decepticon anymore. I consider myself Factionless. I still fight with them because I don't want to be marked as a traitor. I have seen what they do to traitors." She said, at one time.

She later fought League,Multiplied,Flashbee, and Prowler alongside Copbot, Damage and Lightning Strike. Kzonia 'redeemed' herself and fought Mindwipe alongside Sandswipe, later telling Sandswipe to keep that a secret.

Jazzimus would ride Jebney with Barney and Jazzimus attacking Thomastrain. Windcharger would attack Magnetistar with Infernox and Copycat attacking each other (again..).

Jazzimus would reminisce the 80's (Transformers Origins), remembering Coolguy and Arrceus II, and then Springer. Jazzimus would take a nap, then reminisce the 90's (Transformers:New Beginnings) and then Transformers Destruction. Jazzimus would stop and have a bit of a crisis, asking everyone what era it is, and trying to hunt down Vector Prime, Timezone, and Queen Prima. As Jazzimus remembered the Stunticons of Splurge (and not Motormaster, as that happened a long time ago and Jazzimus most likely would've forgotten about that for a bit.) Jazzimus would ask Stunticon some things.

Kzonia would meet Jazzimus, talk about all of the rumors and all the great things he did, and then the two would silently stare at each other. Jazzimus would fly away, and when he would fly back to the Autobot side, he'd daydream and think about America. "What happened to the U.S?" He'd then remember Americanus Prime and all of the other Primes. Jazzimus would think "Wow, America changed alot. America's anthem was the Star Spangled Banner, now it's a song from a movie." He'd fly back to their side, and go into a stasis sleep.

Jazzimus would wake up, and think. "Wasn't Divefin an Autobot a time ago?", then "What about Arcee/Ventreus? I haven't seen her in a long time, it's like we're just floating around in space. I have fought so many drones, killed so many Decepticons, dueled so many 'Arch-Nemeses' and led so many teams. Oh god."

Optics: Edit


Color Scheme: Edit

Black, Green and Blue.

Specialties: Edit

Decepticon 'Warrior'.

Gender: Edit


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