Specialties: Edit

Good with Daggers and knifes. He even collects them.

History/Origins: Edit

He is a version of Jazzimus from a wacky realm (note: not this one). He somehow appeared here when Concede opened up a portal which somehow sent every possible version of Jazzimus to this realm. It even sent the original and G2 here. Concede was confused, but he introduced himself to them all, and said he was a Jazzimus from another universe. The original (Extinction universe version) didn't believe him, and called him a liar, a faker, and a Decepticon. Knifimus and Savior (the Extinction universe one) started fighting each other while the other Jazz's watched. Knifimus looked like he was about to kill Savior, but he did a double take, went "SKREEEEEEEE!" ran, and then transformed, driving out of that area. Concede then told the other Jazz's to get back in the portal.

That Jazz was probably never saw again.. well, he fought C-01 and Thomastrain, but Thomastrain, he just used hand-to-hand combat until 'Knife got to the point where he was just slapping the Leader of these Decepticons. He then used his wrist com (somehow) talking to the other Autobots of his universe and telling them he's not dead, and someone else could become leader although he had their Matrix.

Color Scheme: Edit

White and black, but also mostly purple. (probably like Triggerhappy from Origins.)

Altmode(s): Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

His Lambo altmode homages the G2 Jazzimus, and the fact that he's a purple lambo was done on purpose.

(hint, hint, that song, and sometimes songs inspire me to make chars.)

note: There's probably a Jazziverse somewhere. A whole universe made up of Jazzimus Primes. (think about this hard.)

I even wonder if there's an Elikeila in his Universe.. maybe?

(The Crimson Chin also inspired me with the weird universe thing where everything in my canon most likely has a Jazzimus in one of their universes.. just different Crimson Chins. *claps* I applaud you, Nicktoons (and whoever came up with Fairly Odd Parents.))

Weaponry and abilities: Edit

Different types of knives and daggers. He also still has his universe's Matrix (or one of them..)

As an ability, he has that Super Saiyan mode-like thing, where he has like a Blue and Purple aura around him.

Another note: I always give my Jazzimus Primes abilities.. always. (well maybe, maybe not my Abridged/TNG and Warped version.)

Allegiance: Edit

His autobots, Good, and Autobots of mixedbag.

Optics: Edit

Blue. (like a bright blue, not like Sky Blue or Cyan or some other shade)

Gender: Edit


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