Jazzimus had a series of flashbacks, feeling like he had witnessed everything from a good society to a long-lasting civil war. Jazzimus felt kinda satisfied, seeming as he had his love and his daughters.

Flashbee faced Jazzimus, asking him: "What's wrong?"

The supreme commander replied: "Nothing, just plagued by my past.."

Bumblebee's words stung (no pun intended) "Everyone thinks of themselves as the hero.. well, maybe except Starscream."

What the beast-bot had said echoed in Jazzimus's head.

"No.. he was wrong." Jazzimus said, to no one except Bumblebee though no one knew.

"Elyoria and these new 'Cons think they're pretty..evil." He said, correcting.

Angela stared at Jazzimus.

"What's..wrong?" She asked.

"Oh great, my past ex.." He thought.

"Nothing, I've just been in super-deep thoughts." Jazz said.

Jazzimus got up, and walked off.

Jazzimus noticed how the fembots were to themselves, while the others like Audioshock and Barney were playing sports.

Jazzimus left the base, flying around aimlessly until he saw Elyoria.

He transformed.

"It's Judgement Day." he said.

He shot at her lotsa times before impaling her.

"Funny how she was by herself, here." he said.

He'd transform, driving and running over Safetycon drones.

He did a U turn, driving back to the base.

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