"*Insert some heroic speech here, with 2007 Optimus' theme in background*"

Specialties: Edit

The leader of his group, not to mention, the Supreme Commander of all Autobots.

Weaponry: Edit

Matrix of Leadership, Autobot Greatsword of Leadership, Ion Rifle, Longsword, Shortsword(s), sword, etc.

Altmode(s): Edit

Eagle, Semi-Truck, Jet, Pontiac Solstice (without Matrix)

Color Scheme: Edit

Sky Blue, and White. (With Matrix), White, Blue and Red, Stripes. (without matrix)

Optics: Edit


History/Bio: Edit

After sometime fighting the Decepticons as Jazz, and without the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus dies, and is ceremoniously shot out into space.

He is left sulking in his quarters listening to "Danger Zone", and thinking about the responsibilities and everything he'll soon face. A random Autobot cheers the-de-facto-and-now leader up. After that, he joins his Autobots, says his first Heroic Speech, then rallies them to avenge Optimus. After slaughtering random Decepticons, and Decepticon Drones, he and his other Autobots fight their nemeses. They fight, Jazzimus saying a heroic One-Liner to Elyoria. After several scrapes, and dents, and beating the Decepticon leader into a pulp (but not dead), her Decepticons retreat.

His Autobots holler in Victory, then Flashbee and random Autobots bomb the main HQ of the Decepticons. A random Autobot says a one-liner. The Autobots watch the many explosions. Jazzimus orders them to roll out.

After some time, the Autobots are all over the known Universe, and have fought the Decepticons many a time on Cybertron, and Jazzimus now has a Second in Command. His Autobots are on Earth now.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

As a reference to TNB. he has Shi'torah. (Shi'torah is based off of Cortana, from Halo, so..)

This is the same Jazzimus Prime, with the same traits and stuff.

Gender: Edit