Jazzimus' son. Well, in between a sort of nanon and canon, yes.


Appearance: Edit

Animated Cybertronian Optimus Prime's body.

Weaponry: Edit

Axe and Shield. 'Minor usually doesn't use his shield and keeps it on his back, or attaches it as a hammer-axe thing.

Colorscheme: Edit

Sky blue and White. (Jazzimus' family keeps his color scheme.. well, except Airachnid.)

Specialties: Edit

Axe Warrior, student to his father.

History: Edit

Jazzimus would be taught about his father's past and how he would become a leader. Savior (to differentiate the two) felt like he was very close to death at this period in the very far-future.

Allegiance: Edit


Optics: Edit


Altmode(s): Edit

Cybertronian semi-truck.

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