Altmode: Edit

A fusion between a Bear, a Rhino, and a Elephant (or Mammoth, they're related, still tusked animals)

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots,Savagicons, good. (originally she was a Maximal on transfanon)

Weaponry: Edit

A big rectangle shield, Ironically, a claw, and a rifle.

Aliases: Edit

Also "Ironclaw" works perfectly but is weird.

History: Edit

Is basically the tough-ish fembot. (like she was on the other wiki.)

She fought Cavary, and later the Trios, then Wash,Rinse, and Repeat.

Carsurge had created a space bridge, which Ivoryclaw commed him, she saying "Beam me up, Scotty!"

(Couldn't resist the Star Trek references, even if they are common misconceptions) Carsurge activating it, and she transforming into her beast mode. It would work, but would explode when Sehria sabotaged it. (Can't trust a Whichever.)

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

"Know that I am IVORYCLAW!!!!!" gag/meme/thingy expected. Is overused as the Boomstick thing. (Speaking of Boomstick, that reminds me of Fishie because he had a Beast Hunter by that same name.)

Know that that joke is annoying.

Know that Primal (the God, not the Lieutenant) will put you in the Void for that.

Know that jokes are accepted here and I'm not just another Hitler pro-cens0rship guy-person that says they are comedic but are actually hippo-crits (SIC,SIC,SIC)

Soundwave superior, Airwave inferior.

*insert obscure references no one would get*

I like remaking older characters. (I think you know that by now.)

I like the fact that her name is Ivoryclaw and she is a fuzor of an Elephant, Rhino, and Bear. it just fits in.

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