Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of Jet.

Allegiance: Edit

Constantly switching, though an Autobot because of her headmaster.

Personality and traits: Edit

A very quiet, though conflicted Fembot as she has loyalty issues. She switches sides based on her own emotions, though in battle isn't ruthless and doesn't like to see herself actually kill and has problems with it.

She's quiet, not because she's anti-social or nothing like that, it's because she really has nothing to say.

Weaponry and abilities: Edit

Headmaster: Edit

She has a headmaster. Her headmaster gives her abilities (which are unknown), and also her headmaster is female, also quiet, but helps 'Insha with her loyalty.

Targetmaster: Edit

She also has a Targetmaster, which transforms into a gun-type-thing that has two barrels and can separately fire two missiles. This is her favorite weapon. Her Targetmaster is also female, but she stays in weapon mode all of the time, so she's unknown.

She also uses a blaster and a sword.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


History: Edit

She, Chair, and Epi fought Xhesha and Cyberwarp.

Specialties: Edit


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