"No one can beat me, I'm a Stone Cold Slayer!"

History: Edit

(Has anyone heard of Victory? Well, he'd be in that group with Hellbat/Fellbat, except he doesn't form a part of the combiner.)

Hellraiser and Deathstriker had a rivalry back then, and would sometimes help each other when they were fighting 'bots like Jazzimus or Superion. He would've kicked major skidplate numerous times, against Veil and Onyx.

Transformers-A: Edit

He would've been unearthed by Archaeologists, and would've then attacked Flashbee and Salvo. He then would join the Savagicons, due to formerly being a Predacon of numerous related groups and factions that called themselves 'Predacons'. He would gain fame amongst Elyoria's, Placerift's and Megatron's decepticons. He'd then fight Veil again.

Hellraizor'd get bonked on the head by Barney's club and think he's Sixshot.

Other Quotes: Edit

"He ravages, he hunts, and worst of all.. he seeks!" ~ Ventreus/Arcee summing him up.
"Don't fight him, Autobots, he's deadly, and even worst, an Alumni.." ~ Concede leading in Jazzimus' place.