Traits: Edit

Hardstone is basically that Wrestler character.

Weaponry: Edit

Since he's a wrestler, he beats people up with A GIANT CHAIR. That's right.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

Gender: Edit


Altmode: Edit

He transforms into a Firetruck-Without-The-Ladder/SWAT/Hazmat truck type thing.

Allies: Edit

Alonia, and the Unnamed group that makes her up, other Autobots, random superheroes/heroines, and other random people on the Side of Good, but mainly the Autobots.

Colorscheme: Edit

Grey, and a shade of Blue.

History: Edit

He was slowly being swallowed by Kirbycron, in his digestive system, when suddenly the Leader (the one that forms Alonia's chest) came out of nowhere, flew in, threw a net down, where he caught it, and then the Leader flew out, but shot her way through random Asteroids that were going in Kirbycron's mouth.

He then told the Second-in-command of the group that he thought he saw Sasha, and she teleported him towards Kirbycron where Kirby sucked him up, later, they fought a few Safetycons.

Optics: Edit