Behind the Scenes: Edit

I'd like to find out what's wrong with this wiki. I thought we went to 180 pages a long time ago, but every time I make a page, it says 180.

I also was gonna make him on the Transfanon, but sometimes I make new chars, or was too preoccupied with the Darthfish mess. Heck, could've made all Anibots a long time ago. I might even remake League and call him 'Touchdown'. I remade Wingsoar, so what's really stopping me from remaking Grenjet, Salus, Knightimus and Wrench. (maybe Cosmos,I forgot he was an Autobot Specialist.) I also forgot that other Autobot's name, he was the spy/scout guy and was named after a car part. (he was the Autobot version of Splurge) I might go and remake Uranium Prime, since I'm making TNB chars on this wiki. If anyone wants to help out, they can. Which is why I do that 'if you remember X then Y' shenanigans.

Altmode: Edit

Sandworm. I'm sticking with that because I was thinking he was gonna be a roly-poly, but I also want him to be some kind of worm, because, face it, I never did a Worm character. (And sandworms are cooler)

History/Bio: Edit

He loves games. All sorts of games like Gladiatorial fighting, playing Tag and Chess. Which makes his name vague and like Darthfishie likes to say 'Redundant' since he and Jazzimus are considered Game-masters. (Jazzimus because he beat Gamerbot) He attacked Lightning Strike and Speedemon. Just to not be those idiots that I hate that always make the Good Guys win, here:

The Decepticons invade the Autobots' side, forcing almost all Autobots to attack. Skyler, Flashbee, and Brightlight are dying. Dustwheel and Carsurge do everything to save them atleast, Carsurge putting them on Life Support. Sahria and Copycat attack. 'The decepti-creeps will find a gun behind every blade of non-existant grass', An unknown Autobot said. Autoboticus and Wrongway attack Soundwave and Thomastrain. He and Jazzimus attack the Tropical Combiner. Optimus and Hardstone attack the Motorcycons, Navicons, and Helicons. 'You're being attacked by drones, and one group are motorcycles? I'm getting Vietnam flashbacks of fighting Ventreus!" Jazzimus would say over his wrist communicator. Cockpit and Elyoria would attack Wingsoar in the skies. The Decepticons would become swarmed by the Autoguards. After the two finish fighting the combiner (Tropical Bruticus) Jazzimus and random Aerial Autobots would bomb the Decepticons. 'You said what, General? 'Retreat'? No!" The decepticons would keep sending wave after wave of drones, dependent on that single stupid tactic. Extinction and Alonia would attack the drones, since the other Autobots would be tired.

Humanization. yes.

Weaponry: Edit

Lance, short-sword, and pistol.

Allegiance: Edit


Optics: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Autobot Gladiator.

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