Altmode(s): Edit

Upgraded version of his previous altmode (Volkswagen Beetle)

Specialties: Edit

(one of) Jazzimus' Second in Command('s), Prankster, and Grenadier.

Colorscheme: Edit

Just yellow (Previously), Yellow but with a Black stripe (now.)

History/Bio: Edit

*Insert TNB History/bio here* ("He was simply a nameless nobody, living in the shadows of Bumblebee, but he had gotten tired of it, and made himself look like the Scout-bot. He then kidnapped Bumblebee, and threw him in a closet, while living his life for a bit. Though later, the Elite Guard would later find the real Bumblebee, and imprison him. Jazzimus, already disgusted and hating the Elite Guard, would 'adopt' the youngster in his group of Autobots, allowing Flashy a chance to be famous amongst his other Autobot Counterparts.) (I added some stuff, but yeah.)

Weaponry: Edit

Pistol, Grenade launcher, Hatchet, Rifle.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

Where ever Jazzimus is, there could be a Flashbee following him.

Also see his alias.

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