"Uh... Jazz..You see all these fembots, but don't choose me.. you choose Elikeila.." (Talking to Jazz)
"But, 'Flame,Y'see, I like you. And, uh, That spider-bot's my sister. So I have no ideas yet." (Jazz talking back)

Altmode(s): Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Black with flames.

Allegiance: Edit

Unknown, thought to be a Predacon spy in deep-cover. Actually a Maximal but not really... loud about it.

Specialties: Edit

Unknown except sneaking around and weaponry as she's very skilled with weapons of all types.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Two long blades. She actually favors melee weaponry more than ranged. These blades were actually crafted by herself.

History: Edit

Here, she tries to be Jazzimus' love interest but Jazz didn't fully reciprocate it. Her allegiance is unknown as she could go both ways, either being a Maximal but hiding it or some sort of Predacon spy trying to get close to Yellowsword. She actually isn't a spy, as she attacked Starscream and had sliced his arms off. Even if she's not a spy, she acted kinda.....................weird towards Pheniah and Greenvixen. She'd get cornered, and eventually say she's a Maximal. They believed her, for then but had wanted her to prove herself, which she had done when she had almost killed Vanquish after she flipped out. After Blackarachnia had turned tail,the two siblings would duel with the two other arachnids (Black Widow and Tarantulas) watching. Flamewar would attack the arachnid, almost killing her until Jazz told her to stop. This caused Blackarachnia to reconsider her allegiance and swap back. She and Jazz would fight Seam until the fembot retreated.

Personality and traits: Edit

Calm, but not really composed and nice. It's just her instincts that tell her to be nice and stuff but when angered its completely different and she acts completely like another person. Flamewar actually thought Jazz was handsome, but never had saw him fight. She had heard of him from sneaking around, and also from his bro. She's also ambidextrous but it's unknown if she was left or right handed before that because she uses both hands alot and it's really hard to tell, even when she's typing she switches hands. She's very sneaky due to how she was 'raised' basically, even when she doesn't need to sneak around, she still does..

Behind the Scenes: Edit

If I do Flamewar, (again), I'll probably be putting her in Classics.

I actually like the concept, but not the actual Flamewar finalized. Also I try to make her sympathetic and a bit like how I'm doing my recent fembots. Not random gals that are all tough and don't want friends. As I said, I want a good girl as my Empress since I'm an Emperor.

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