Colorscheme: Edit

Red and Green, also Grey.

Altmode(s): Edit


Specialties: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Spear, Shotgun, and a knife.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


History: Edit

Her twin sister is Ezeriath. She and her sister had recently landed on Earth, scanning a helicopter to keep with her old Cybertronian version.

She and her sister fought Codebind and Devastator with Hardstone doing all of his Wrestling moves on Devastator, though he'd throw the Wrestler-bot away.

Personality and Traits: Edit

She and her sister mostly have similarities, but one of the things the two uncommonly have is that one: Ezoriai is more of a friendlier person where Ezeriath isn't friendly and hates being around other people besides her sister. The two both are kind, though.

Allegiance: Edit

Good, Autobots.

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