"I completely ADORE you, Jazzimus. Your..'services' will not be forgotten." ~ And yes, she did take a long pause after services because they weren't actually services. One can read between the lines.

Altmode(s): Edit

Arachnid (Spider.)

Colorscheme: Edit

Black, Green and Orange.

Personality and traits: Edit

A former Predacon and a former assassin. She's not above... 'doing things' either. Her colorscheme comes from when she was a tomboy in her younger years. She's the friendly, outgoing sort. For being an assassin, she prefers talking things out than killing. What is to be known is that the Predacons are a rowdy, bloodthirsty bunch and if they weren't terrorists, they'd probably be pirates and hooligans.

Besides having a tomboy stage, she also had a gothic stage.

Weaponry: Edit

Two katanas and a tanto.

Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Somewhat neutralist, but has Chaotic Neutral tendencies. Good and Evil at the same time but mischievous and rebellious.

Allies: Edit

  • Blackarachnia. Besides 'doing stuff' to/with the fembot's brother, she also is friends with her, or 'galpals'.

Gender: Edit


History: Edit

Besides being an ex-Pred, she supports the Maximals and Elite Guardsmen and also the Cybertronian Government's troops for fighting on other planets. She also supported Flounder after he ran for Head of State, but couldn't vote for him as she was a Predacon at the time he was running. When Megatron became the predacons' face, she looked back and rethought why she became this way. She then renounced being a terrorist, terrorism, the Predacons and Megatron. She had been hunted down by angered radicals like Riposte and Sonya-stark.

During Blackarachnia and Jazzimus' feud, she supported them because she didn't like rap or Meister. She also voted to finally fill out Prime Flounder's cabinet. She would fight Skid-Z and Deduce as Deduce was a known Predacon chemist. She had defeated them both, and almost killed Deduce but would advance on Master Disaster, using a shotgun the entire time and also leaving him for dead.

It's known that Silverbolt doesn't get along with her.

Specialties: Edit

Assassination and swords.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

Not the same Elikeila, just named after her.

Although Uprisings is a one-off (not really a one-off but I'm trying not to put Autobots and Decepticons and Dark Disturbance in this with the same story.) and has some things from other series, I am not tying in this one as the same one because Jazz and she didn't meet when Jazz was.. (no pun intended) in his prime.

She has a Vietnamese accent.