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Eilenah originates from the fact that she is a synthetic. They were birthed in these tubes, on a metallic planet that looks like an organic planet that these synthetics were supposed to live on. (Synthetics were like Humans, except artificially created, and their creators are an unknown, squid-like species.) Synthetics were very close to humans, except they all had those weird barprint codes on their bodies, and she had hers on her right arm. She didn't like to show hers, which is why she wore this sleeve over it. (also because they had a segregation thingy against Synths) She left the planet, and went to train (basically in a soldier academy), she rose through the ranks, but didn't pass her final test. She became a scavenger and a smuggler, bringing cargo to other planets and evading the government, but also finding scraps and droids and selling them to merchants. (The Government was strict and basically tried to rule over the entire Known Universe, but had some civil wars and rebellions) She stopped, and did Bounty hunting stuff, but didn't want to get involved with any wars or rebellions. She got involved, though, when she killed a Governor, and had to become a rebel, but betrayed and became a national.

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Betrays, though was a rebel and national.