Egypt was allied with Americana, and they were an Oligarchy (2+ a ruler.) (Egypt had a senate.) but now are a Monarchy with a Queen (and maybe a King if she decides to marry) and princesses. They became colonists and wanted to spread themselves out and EXPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE.

Egypt's land consisted of (obviously Egypt) Africa, and most of the Middle East. They had a yellow, beige and brown flag with five pyramids. (Yes, like I said, Archanubis inspired Egyptian culture when he came to Earth and told them stuff,that's why they were seen as advanced irl in the modern days and probably the same with this stuff.)

Back to talking about Americana X Egypt. They basically were also best friends (much like PE before it fell) and traded alot. Americana also used the Oligarchy against some of the European countries (Europe was infighting around that time) as a buffer and a pseudo-satellite state. They then used all of PE's stuff and then mobilized against Greece in fear that they'd attack in revenge. (They probably had guns earlier in History than expected.)

Egypt had most of South America and the what-would be Philippines though fell to a coup funded by Greece.

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