History/bio: Edit

Drift0r, Shift0r, and Bend0r were three Decepticons. They couldn't be seen without one another. They wandered the nameless planet, and had encountered three other Decepticons, and an Autobot. They later fought Sallylay and Mobilecross.

Altmode(s): Edit

Drift0r transformed into a Drill-type thing, Shift0r, a Forklift, and Bend0r, a vehicle that could also be used to bend things.

Weaponry: Edit

Drift0r used a Pistol, and preferred not using his Drill, Shift0r used his forklift-blade things, and Bend0r used a head-mounted pellet blaster.

Colorschemes: Edit

Driftor was Yellow, Shiftor being Grey and Green, and Bend0r was Orange.

Optics: Edit

Driftor: Red, Shift0r: Green, Bend0r: Yellow.

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, Evil.

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