History/Bio: Edit

Dragocon was Knightimus Prime's arch-nemesis. He had came to this realm, but also hid until Wingsoar and the others came. He would've fought the four, and also Jazzimus. Jazzimus had called himself "The Dragonslayer" and dual-wielded. Grenjet would've used his venomous weaponry again, and Wingsoar would've fought him in the skies. Dragocon would've defeated her and blasted fire at her wings. Touchdown would've shot at him, and Gamesmaster also shooting at him. Elyoria and Megatron would've aided Dragocon, and then Jazzimus would've fought the trio. Elyoria would've slashed at him, and Dragocon would've blasted s'more fire at the Prime. Jazzimus dodged the fire, but stuck his blade inside of Elyoria's gut like a certain someone did to Megatron. Note: Don't mess with the fucking Dragonslayer. Jazzimus would've took out his weapon of choice, the Ion Rifle and would've began shooting at the two. If this was Team Fortress 2, he would've had alot of crits. Elyoria would've collapsed, and then Dragocon would've retreated, picking up the Head Decepticon, and flying off.

He would meet Hellraizor later and then become a Savagicon.

Weaponry: Edit

He loves fighting in his altmode, but he'd usually use a shotgun.

Of course, he can fucking breathe fire.

Altmode(s): Edit

A dragon.

Colorscheme: Edit

See Link. (Green if you don't know who Link is, if you don't, you've been living in a cave.) He's literally greener than a pickle.

Allegiance: Edit

I'm happy I didn't forget the damned Allegiance.

He's a Decepticon, also Evil/Bad and now a Savagicon.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

Recovering from Sakaros and the Star Wars Fanon, please send gifts. (I used to like the Fanon, but I think they're cancer. Well except Savage.)

I don't even fucking know why I made this in past particle (Well, not really Past Particle with all the 'has had's', but still in the past.), as all my shit happens in the Present.

Yes, I gave him the title:"The Bold".. Doritos, come at me.

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