Appearance: Edit

A feminine Prime Ratchet.

Colorscheme: Edit

Blue and Orange.

Weaponry: Edit

Two blades.

Altmode(s): Edit


Specialties: Edit

Unknown, maybe none.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


History: Edit

Delta and Alpha would fight Swindler and Mileage, Jazzimus informing these autobots of Elyoria's plans. Jazzimus and the two fembots would then face off against the other Megatron and Elveria. A well-placed arrow would bring the Savagicon to his demise.. (No, he will not become Galvatron.)

She and Arcee would face Cyberwarp and Xhesha.

They would rescue a tortured and half-dead Aleronia, and then face Speedemon and the other Stunticons. After rescuing the Chevy-bot, she died in their hands, alas. She and Prowler would face off against Schism and Milicon, then their medic and Divefin.

Jazzimus would finally call off the peace, and fight Elyoria, knowing full well what her plans were. He would then fight a Sasha and Kirby possessed Elyoria, having trouble in the duel until Primal,The Great possessed him and fatally wounded Elyoria. Kirbycron would exit and it would just be Sasha Fierce herself still possessing. Sasha would take Elyoria, haunting her and then contacting her daughter until Primal stopped it by possessing her at the same time. The two would face Elyoria, and then Jazzimus would shrug off the possession and kill Seph, then fatally wound the Head Decepticon again. Sasha would accept defeat this time.

Jazzimus would fly off and then fight Red Wing in a dogfight.

Allegiance: Edit

Damn, forgot the fucking allegiance again.


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