Altmode(s): Edit

Repeating Path Blaster. He formerly transformed into an armored, winged car (like Megantron although her altmode was just an Armored Car.) and in his Gun mode, he can be wielded by combiners.

History: Edit

He was a scientist, turned combat medic, turned strategist and inventor for the decepticons. He was tired of making machines of Destruction and betrayed the Decepticons, once and for all, using his gun mode to kill the other Decepticons who forced him to invent for them. He joined the Autobots later and fought Decode, CPU, and Altdelete (the three components of Codebind).

Color Scheme: Edit

Grey (both Light and Dark), Red, and Black.

Allegiance: Edit

Formerly the Decepticons, is now an Autobot, Good.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Deduce's hands can transform into cannons that could shoot out anything. His hands can also transform into other objects.

Specialties: Edit

Scientist, Medic,Inventor,strategist.

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