Altmodes: Edit

He has a special T-Cog, allowing him to transform into whatever he desires. (like Shegirl from Determination.) Even though he has this, he'd rather transform into a cube-like thing, or a clock tower.

Specialties: Edit

Many a specialty.

Allegiance: Edit

He switched to and from lots of sides, but now is an Autobot. Sometimes, he's Good, Bad or plain just Evil.

Weaponry: Edit

Kronos Blaster-cannon which takes up most of his wrist and his entire hand.

He has other weapons (Why do I insist on making my characters, besides Jazzimus, a WALKING ARMORY? Jazzimus, I can explain because of the Magic Satchel but how could I explain my recent characters?)..

Gender: Edit


Appearance: Edit

Changed alot, and he is faceless in robot mode.

Optics: Edit

Bluish Gray.

Colorscheme: Edit

Orange, Blue, Yellow and Black.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

He was once a Prime.

No, he is not Vector Prime, I have a Vec-Tor in this Omniverse-thingy. Also, he is female in some universes.