"Come at me, Punk."

Altmode(s): Edit

Very sleek and futuristic sports car.

Gender: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

She makes use of a few (deadly) weapons systems built in her body-frame, and also:

  • Her arms could transform into punching-glove or club like weapons.
  • Her arms have hydraulics built in them.
  • Her legs were adjusted for hiding spots for her pistols and daggers and also for speed and making her more of a light-foot.
  • Her feet were adjusted for sensors, and could allow her to walk up walls with ease if she wanted to.
  • She has back-mounted cannons and missile launchers.

She makes use of revolver-like blaster-pistols and pop gun-esque weaponry, also small blades.

Specialties: Edit

No real specialty, she is more of an Tomboy and even though she is, she still is a bit girly.

Colorscheme: Edit

Mostly black across her body but also purple.

History/Bio: Edit

She betrayed the Decepticons before, as they took her brawler-like ways for granted. She remained factionless until she joined the Autobots. She is now an Autobot and she will not forget the bad memories of being a Decepticon.

She and Celestia fought Mileage.

Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Autobots (formerly Decepticons)

Gender: Edit


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