Colorscheme: Edit

Green and Yellow.

Abilities and Weaponry: Edit

He can teleport. He also uses a rifle.

Altmode(s): Edit

Jet,Cybertronian Jet.

History: Edit

As the destroyers are basically inactive, Elyoria is partners with Thomastrain and his decepticons, some Decepticons aren't loyal to her/There's not that many Decepticons and she also uses the Savagicons, so he hasn't seen that much combat (besides fighting the Autoguards). He has also fought Superheroes and Superheroines, and fake evil. Cyberwarp isn't that loyal, but he has an 'all or nothing' mentality and doesn't want to give up or be with the Decepticons who aren't loyal. He thinks Elyoria has given up on the Destroyers and basically has betrayed the Decepticons he knows, and joined Thomastrain (even though it's just a partnership, but try telling him that!).

Quotes: Edit

"I don't know now, the Autobots basically have won now, let's go sulk in defeat."
"I love the smell of Drones' burning hulls."
"Why are we partnering up with a Train guy, and also using Beastformers? We're also partners with the Dions, and look where that got us."

Specialties: Edit

Decepticon goon. He has no specialties, but basically tags on with the other Decepticons, and Evil/Bad.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Bad/Evil, and Decepticons. He sometimes does bad stuff, so that's right to put bad there.