Altmode(s): Edit

Police version of the Ford Mustang (or that Saleen from '07)

Colorscheme: Edit

Black,white,and blue.

Allegiance: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Rifle, Energon saw, Lazer axe, Riot Shield, Pistols.

History: Edit

He and Maori fought each other after he and Longneck came to the other Unknown planet. He then fought Prowler and found a large chunk of Rainbow Energon. As Prowler was already injured, Copbot shot at the Rainbow energon and it exploded, leading Prowler to be near-death and Carsurge to send the Medidrones.

Copbot then drove away in his altmode, then fighting Cramwave.

Gender: Edit


Quotes: Edit

"I conquer and corrupt."
(I like that better than 'You have the right to remain frightened." So I just gave him another quote..)

Optics: Edit


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