Gender: Edit


Altmode(s): Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons (Elyoria), Evil,Bad.

Optics: Edit


Weaponry: Edit

Two blasters under her wings in bestial mode.

Colorscheme: Edit

Red, Green, Blue, with some White and Black.

History: Edit

Climbtracer attacked Jazzimus and Redcoat.

Waverider would power up Jazzimus when he would attack Megatron and the other Megatron who called himself Galvatron since the first Galvy died to Jazzimus's hand also.

Flashbee would then attack Windsore,Windflow and Wildgor.

Jazzimus commed Elyoria and told her not to send her mini-con minions and try to assassinate him since that disrupted the peace. After comming her, he joined Flashy and would kill the 'Music Critic' by throwing a shuriken in his shoulder. (The shoulder is a notable weakpoint for Transformers.. actually, Brawn had died by a blast to it.)

Windshield-Wipe would then fight Trackrain, and have Donut finish him off.