Altmode(s): Edit


Specialties: Edit

Marksmanship,Sniping, Heavy Weapons, also being the 'Strongwoman' of the Autobots, huntress, etc.

Weaponry: Edit

Her powerful rifle. (The weapon is always getting updated from scraps, or from other parts of weapons. Which is another thing I'd like to add.)

Traits and Personality: Edit

Rather silent. The war has made her an anti-social person, and also a flexible warrior that could do anything. As for anything else? She is also a bit easily angered (though her teammates just call her bipolar as in one minute she could be angry and the next, calm or content). She, like others, is skilled at adaptation and as such, can and will do anything and isn't really set on one thing. (like being a thinker than a fighter, for example)

Colorscheme: Edit

White,Grey and Dark Yellow.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

History: Edit

(I forgot to do her History, lol)

Circle and Jazzimus would attack Cockpit and Bruticus. Due to her past, Jazzimus awarded her with several medals for her efforts in the Wars. She and Jebney would attack hordes of remaining Safetycons, and later shut down a few of their factories with a few Autobots raiding many of the bases.

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