These guys are like Louisiana, hardcore Communists. They're Stalinist, which is why they call themselves Soviets (Basically like Byzantium and other countries thought they were the descendants of the fallen Roman Empire). They're basically like this series North Korea (DPRK) and would occasionally threaten Texan Empire. They don't care about things on a world scale and only care about South and Central America or mostly America as a whole. Mexico and Canada don't bat an eye and think that the Texans can defend themselves, they have their own allies and stuff so why would the Canadians and Mexicans have to? Chile gets funded by other countries like Maoist Vietnam and the ever-so-obscure tribal Mongolia.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

I think it should be CSSR, Chilean SSR or something like that although in this series, the USSR fell but there's still alot of communists and Red Outbreaks.

If you're new, the USA won the Cold War but fell due to New York City wanting independence, then other states wanted independence. After that, Canada and Mexico started annexing states that were nearby (Like California) and then a few remaining states turned Red, Texas took USA's ally in 'Oceania' and puppetted them which is where we are now. Also an unknown amount of time had passed by from then.

There's no pacts, but the Communists loosely work together around the world and try to become superpowers. Louisiana doesn't really support Chile or most other communists outside of North America and only wants Oklahoma and Florida to help it against Texas. The Cajuns don't know what they're going to do or if they will need the others' help against Mexico and Canada.

Chile's flag kinda looks like Texas's flag (Yes it does, don't deny it.), so I thought it'd be funny if the two hated each other kinda like real life USA and North Korea, or Americana and Bonoviana/ the Axis.

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