Altmode(s): Edit

Updated and a bit more futuristic Lancia Stratos.

Specialties: Edit

He is basically a stalker. He stalks his enemies through and through and never gives up. He doesn't think of himself as another hunter as hunters, in his word 'would do their job differently as I do, I do my job differently and it's nothing like a Hunter." Chaser's name is a misnomer. (though when I was making the Decepticon Destroyers, I was tired and made up names on the spot, which is why you have 'Cavary' and 'Walpart'. Just utter nonsense.)

His specialty is also spying. He could be a deep-rooted spy and you wouldn't know, though he doesn't carry himself as a spy anymore.

Quotes: Edit

"I kill Decepticons too, don't you know? I'm not some sort of assassin or Hunter. I don't get paid and I don't have any bosses or anyone over me giving me the order."

Traits and Personality: Edit

Although he is a Decepticon Destroyer, he isn't that loyal to Elyoria or the Decepticon Cause. No one has any real control over him. He's like a wild dog, like Kirbycron. Kirbycron could be used as a weapon, but no one knows if he's loyal to anyone, they just know his destructiveness and his power. The same could go with Chaser.

Chaser is serious and thought to be stoic, almost entirely.

Weaponry: Edit

Two katanas (Green blade, black hilt), and two blasters.

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons (Decepticon Destroyers), Evil.

Colorscheme: Edit

Black and Green.

Optics: Edit

Demonic Red.

Gender: Edit


History: Edit

He and Cyberwarp fought Barney the Dinobot and Sandswipe.

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