"He fights with a swift blaze of swords and guns against the Decepticon Menace, whoever they may be." ~ What I imagine his bio to look like if he was an actual toy.

Allegiance: Edit


Altmode(s): Edit

Helicopter, and some sort of offroading truck. He has had many Altmodes, but those are his main two.

Colorscheme: Edit

See Americana for more.

Specialties: Edit

Gunner, Swordfighting, and Spec Ops.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


History: Edit

He'd be very angry after the Decepticons invaded the Autobot base, and try to ally with the US and get them to bomb their stuff into Oblivion. Greenshock'd be fighting Galvatron, but he'd be severely trumped and lose. Arcee'd be fighting Soundwave and Shockwave and Ratchet'd stay at base with Syncremist, obviously very saddened and trying to repair everything.

It is unknown what Backstreet would be doing around this period.

Weaponry: Edit

A few blades and firearms.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

And he kinda reminds me of Springer (Hasbro's version, not mine.)

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