Origins/History: Edit

The original C-01 was created by humans, but the original was cloned by Decepticons, then killed by Autobots. This is the clone of it. Overtime, C-01 began to find sentience, and emotions, and figure out what it means to be alive. C-01 saw itself as Female. C-01 was thought to be a rogue decepticon, due to the fact she wouldn't be their minion any longer. C-01 saw herself hunted, and also didn't want to have anything to do with the rest of them. Later, with some of Earth-Y's Autobots and Decepticons dying, and time passing on, she was frozen. C-01 woke up, and began to free herself. She transformed, and drove away. Back then, she would "pass time" by just driving around, and roaming Earth aimlessly.

C-01 was found by two seekers, those two were underlings to Thomastrain. C-01 found herself with Thomas' Decepticons. C-01, Plate, Table, and Cockpit fought.

Color Scheme: Edit

Red and black.

Weaponry: Edit

She uses her claws, and a blaster.

(imagine her with Starscream-like claws, and not like hand-held claws.)

Altmode: Edit

Some sort of car.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

This reminds me of Miysara.. (the red and black, and the fact she transforms into a car, even though not a small car like I imagine my Decepticon Princess)

C-01's origin reminds me of AOE with KSI and whatnot..

Allegiance: Edit


Optics: Edit

Blue (due to the fact she was a clone of the original.)

Gender: Edit