''Bumblelee''' is cute, yellow, lovable and yellow. And that's what he'll tell you as he lounges on the couch, drinks beer, watches TV, plays video games, and downloads stuff from the Intranet.  Bumblelee is a bloke,Pure and straight-out, and makes no attempts to disguise it. Despite his habits and stuff, he's still a decent guy. Friendly, Ecstatic, and Enthusiastic, he has a strange, and rather weird sense of humor. Regardless of the situation, he always has a put-down at the ready, regardless of the situation, and is able to ripple them off as fast as enemies appear. Additionally, he has a capacity for useless information that is rivaled only by Minion  Above all else, Bumblelee is always willing to share around his collection of earth DVDs, earth video games, earth comics and, for what its worth to giant hot alien robots, earth porn. Bumblelee’s greatest "weakness" stems from him being ''An Alcoholic''. When in this state, he gains a rather over-stated opinion of his self worth. This especially manifests itself when someone cranks up a Karaoke Machine, which results in loud, off-key singing and very horrible (and Somewhat Disturbing) dancing. Bumblelee’s car mode, despite its trashed-up appearance, is '''REALLY''' fast. Also, despite its outer appearance, people describe it as being quite unbearably cute and “full of


personality.” Its specifically customized interior is designed for both the maximum comfort of any human passengers he may be carrying as well as to enhance their attractiveness to the opposite Gender.  In robot mode, Bumblelee uses his superior knowledge to launch a devastating array of putdowns, quips, and insults at his opponents to disorient and disable them. His most powerful attack is the “No, you!” blast, in which he redirects an opponent’s last comment back at them. When used properly, it sows confusion and chaos amongst Enemy Ranks, due to overuse of attack.

He being on the side of Good is very controversial, though is still an Autobot.

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