Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of car, a Blue-ish green rock, and her Pretender form.

Pretender form: Edit

Her Pretender form was human (since I'm going by G1 stuff, and in G1 the good guys are Human-looking and the bad guys look like monsters.)

Pretender form's appearance: Edit

Brightlight's pretender form's skin color made it look like it was Indian.

Its hair was in pigtails, that was a Light-green.

Its fingernails were Blue while her toenails were colored green.

Since Brightlight's robot mode was mostly Blue, her pretender form's shirt was blue, while it wore a skirt that was yellow.

Gender: Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Mostly Blue, with some White and a bit of yellow.

Weaponry and Abilities: Edit

She mainly used a pistol, and her other weapon (which was her melee), was a Bat.

Her famous ability was called "Lightshow", and that's probably where she gets her name from, because she can use her chest lights for the ability. The ability itself could blind people, or was just used when she was in a cave, or when it was really dark.

Allies: Edit

Optimus and the others.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

Appearance: Edit

Her chest sometimes looked like the car hood from her Altmode, but at other times, her chest looked human. (yes, I humanize my Transformers, alot, you can see this on transfanon)

Optics: Edit


Traits: Edit

  • She often rhymed and slipped in a few rhymes in her speech. (WHEELIE MUCH?)
  • She also cared alot for her allies, and (yes, I know, Jazz does that, but still) sometimes goes savage on peeps.

History: Edit

Since Optimus was gone, she led her other comrades against random Red, Yellow, and Blue seekers.

At this period, she encountered many Seekers and often joked about it.

She later was seen saving random humans from a Decepticon attack, and then encountered a Targetmaster aptly named Targetmaster. She felt sad for him, and used him as a weapon. She then would always be seen with the little guy.