Traits and Personality: Edit

Bladesaw is what Jazzimus would call a 'Dirty Warrior', he uses any and every underhanded 'tactic' as if he's a Decepticon. Even when there is no battle, or just a stalemate, he'll be sitting there fighting the Decepticon. Bladesaw makes Jazzimus in comparison, look like Captain Jean-Luc Picard than a James T. Kirk. This ruins Jazzimus' argument as Bladesaw is the reason why they don't have that many losses even if Barney, a Combiner, or Populationtron is around.

(yes, that was another Star Trek reference)

Specialties: Edit

Melee Combatant. (Basically Arrceus II without actually acting like her.)

Weaponry: Edit

He uses blades, and not saws, making half of his name ironic.

Altmode(s): Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

mixedbag Blue and Gunmetal Grey.

Optics: Edit

Dark blue.

Gender: Edit


History: Edit

He fought alongside Barney and Coolant against Decepticons Thomastrain, Crowbar, and Soundwave and later the team-up would be used when they fought Balintine.

Allegiance: Edit


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