Traits and Personality: Edit

Backlash is proof that not all Autobots are inheritably good, as he is an overly-aggressive bully. Backlash is such an unlikable douchebag, jerk,asshole, etc of a person that no one would work with him. Though in the end, he is a powerhouse, and his usefulness makes his jerkiness null and Backlash a valuable person in the team.

Altmode: Edit

Armored Truck.

Colorscheme: Edit

Red,grey and black.

Specialties: Edit

He prefers hand-to-hand combat rather than any weaponry or technology and could also be considered as a brawler.

Weaponry: Edit

He uses big rifles, cannons, missile launchers in combat.

Gender: Edit


Allegiance: Edit


History: Edit

Backlash bullied Flashbee, though Jazzimus didn't allow his second-in-command to be treated like that, and gave him a stern talking-to, then confined him in his living-space. Backlash fought Carnage in Carnage's shell, alongside Brightlight and Greenvixen. The combined effort of Carnage and its odd shell had made the scuffle hard, though Backlash shot a missile into the shell which made Carnage eject from its shell. The shell was confiscated by Greenvixen as she gave it to White Shockwave to study and he said the shell was strange and was made out of different parts though seemed closer to sentient beings' bodies and their anatomy. The shell was promptly launched and crashed in a river inside a sort of missile-type-thing to deliver it back to it. Later, the Beetle-bot found it and repaired it with more scraps.

Backlash and Maximum Overcharge faced each other, being the strongmen of their respective sides and all.

Optics: Edit